In-house short film


In-house short film
About the project



Luka Štigl


Luka Štigl, Sebastjan Oblak, Sanja Raičević

Director of photography

Sebastjan Oblak


Jan Hrušovar, Črt Lipnik, Jan Kok, Tomi Matič, Lejla Korać

Our completely in-house made movie, which represented one of the main milestones and reasons for the development of Truplo, our in-house VOD series. After accidentally hitting a man with their van, three guys decide to lock him up in a squatted shelter and try to invoke Stockholm syndrome in him, so he wouldn't go to the police. But the more they get to know their new "friend", the more it get complicated. The movie was accepted into the competition programme of Slovenian film festival.

Stockholm in Slovenia, of course.

Squareme Stokholm - Three actors (Jan Kok, Jan Hrušovar and Črt Lipnik) looking at the camera from below


“Let’s film a 15min short movie!”

That was the official plan. The goal of the movie is to again do something of our own, an in-house developed dump of our creative ideas. We put a group together in the middle of the busiest month of the year, and decided we have no budget whatsoever. So it only made sense that after retyping the movie into script form, we had to inform everyone that we are NOT doing a 15min short movie… But more of a 45min one. Through old partners and friends, we managed to get a couple cases of beer and a couple of hundred euros and off we went.

This is probably the most guerrilla project we had since, filming in an underground bomb shelter and in an abandoned industrial area of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In less than 24 shooting hours (yes, 24!!! Out of those, 17 were in the shelter. 17. In one sitting. With no AC.) we managed to film the whole thing.

The film had great reviews from the crowd, so we decided to run in the Slovenian Film Festival program, where we managed to achieve official selection.

Squareme - the crew on stage at Slovenian movie festival representing Štokholm movie (Luka Štigl, Sanja Raičević, Sebastjan Oblak, Črt Lipnik, Jan Jenko)


Crew: AD – Sanja Raičević / 1st assistant camera – Aljaž Tepina / MUA – Tjaša Založnik / Key grip – Niko Zavadlav / Sound design – Tatjana Pfeiffer Bohar, Ernest Fejzić / Sound recording – Ernest Fejzić, Ivan Mikrović, Tim Žibrat / Original score – Tatjana Pfeiffer Bohar / Mix – Ernest Fejzić / Editing – Luka Štigl / Color grade – Sebastjan Oblak / Production designer – Sanja Raičević