About Us

We’re just making good sh*t like it’s 1999

Squareme is an award winning video agency with a strong focus on crazy creative video content. We develop awesome creative solutions to provide companies and agencies with any type of media content they need. In style. And with loads of laughter guaranteed. We love our clients.

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About us
School sux handwritting

Great people = better projects

When you think of production houses, the classic hollywood image of someone yelling through a megaphone probably comes to mind. Well, that’s the opposite of what we stand for. We’re a group of individuals, who have immense fun at what they do and always create a great atmosphere. Below is the heart and soul of Squareme.

Sebastjan Oblak
In charge of serious stuff, Partner
Luka Štigl
In charge of fun stuff, Partner
Sanja Raičević
In charge of in-house projects
Nika Sretenović
Junior Producer
Mitja Velkavrh
Žiga Sagadin
Camera Assistant

& collaborating with 40+ external professionals

Squareme Triglav Skladi TV ads - production crew filming a futuristic scene with a flight simulator in a modern interior lit with purple light
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We help our clients stand out. And they help us grow.

Throughout the years we had the opportunity to work with numerous agencies and clients. Our ability to adapt the project size to the customer’s needs basically makes us ninjas wielding swiss knives. Check out some of our clients below:

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Squareme - TRUPLO x Voyo Behind the scenes on set with director Luka Štigl, producer Sanja Raičević, DOP Dominik Istenić and Slovenian actress Tina Gorenjak in a modern office.

Best. Motion. Experience. Ever.

We realize that you might feel lost in the waters of video production. Maybe people are throwing out abbreviations all the time, from PPM to 1st AC, and you’re just hoping the project will turn out good. 

We make the process as simple and as painless as possible. We’ll develop the whole creative concept, make the shooting day excitingly fun & efficient and deliver your project as fast as you need it. 

We could go on and on, but if you are still reading this you must really be into us. We don’t bite and our office has plenty of coffee!


Check what’s going on.

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