Alfa Mikić

In-house TV series

Alfa Mikić

In-house TV series
About the project

Pro Plus / VOYO




Luka Štigl


Sanja Raičević, Luka Štigl, Sanja Raičević

Director of photography

Sebastjan Oblak


Igor Mikić

Alfa Mikić is our first in-house series that we made for the web video platform Voyo. The star of the show was our old friend Igor Mikić, who already starred in our two previous web series. This time as Alfa Mikić he had to try out various roles and learn all the skills that a true alpha man needs.

Alfa series. No biggie.

Squareme Alfa Mikić web series. The crew Sebastjan Oblak, Jan Kok, Sanja Raičević, Luka Štigl, Igor Mikić, Edin Latič and Ernest Fejzić posing for the camera in a studio with light in the background


The series had a new episode every 14days – and each episode covered a different topic and location in the presence of familiar Slovenian faces such as Filip Flisar, Ana Marija Mitič, Tjaša Kokalj, Challe Salle and others. With their help, Igor tried to learn basic know-hows which everyone knew back in the day and on the other hand some new skills which pose a challenge for the majority of us. From changing tires, table manners, safe driving, and shirt ironing to extreme nature survival with specials forces. No task was too big or too small.

Squareme Alfa Mikić web series. Actor Igor Mikić posing in front of a billboard advertising the series