A short film about a short war!


A short film about a short war!
About the project


Director and screenwriter

Luka Štigl


Sanja Raičević, Luka Štigl, Sebastjan Oblak

Director of photography

Sašo Štih


Jan Kok, Luka Štigl, Aleksandar Repić, Mitja Okorn

"91 is our in-house film project, which was made by completely independent production for its specific content. We wanted to create a film without budgets, sponsors, clients or any other outside factors, which could influence its content. A film available to all, free of charge. Telling a story that affects us all and doesn't take sides. A film that faces society with a mirror after 30 years and asks, whether this is really the second Switzerland that we dreamt of, what has changed after 30 years and what remains forever the same."




In the middle of the 10 day war for Slovenian independence (1991), two soldiers day-dream about the future of their newborn country.
Ratko and Tugo are volunteers in the middle of a war, keeping post on a barricade… but not much is happening.
They decide to throw a small party for Ratko’s 30th birthday. This causes them to speculate and dream about where their new country will be 30 years in the future.
As they literally let their guard down, they are up for a surprise.
A tale about friendship, brotherhood, an end of an era and the beginning of a new one, full of possibilities.



SHORT to the Point

Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor, Best Film


Florence Film Awards

Best Comedy


New York Movie Awards

Best Comedy


Moscow Shorts

Best Director


Fox International Film Festival

Best War Movie, Best Scenography



1st AD – Sanja Raičević / B-roll camera – Sebastjan Oblak, Veronika Francesca Štefančič / DI color correction – Korektif / Colorist – Jure Teržan / DI producer – Martina Lajtner / Sound technician – Tim Žibrat / Sound recorders – Petar Bajan, Tim Žibrat, Jaka Korenjak / SFX – Tomaž Pritekelj / Production assistant – Luka Belak / Director’s secretary – Nina Bevk / 1st AC – Matic Borkovič / 2nd AC – Sebastjan Oblak, Žiga Sagadin, Aljaž Habot / Production intern – Matija Leonardi / Set design – Katarina Riznar / Set design assistant – Gregor Riznar / Makeup artist – Tjaša Založnik / Photographer – Pino Gašperšič, Aljaž Habot / Edit – Luka Štigl / Lights and equipment – Mb Grip / Grip – Aljaž Tepina / Lighting technitian – Igor Mlakar / Assistant lighting technitian – Leon Kočevar / Catering – Dobra vila / Weapons specialist – Miha Umek