In-house VOD series | 2 seasons, IMDB Slo #1


In-house VOD series | 2 seasons, IMDB Slo #1
About the project

Pro plus d.o.o. / VOYO


2018 & 2019


Luka Štigl


Sanja Raičević, Sebastjan Oblak, Luka Štigl

Director of Photography

Dominik Istenič (S02), Sebastjan Oblak (S01)


Luka Štigl, Sanja Raičević

Truplo is our inhouse developed web series, created for the Slovenian VOD – Voyo.si. We're listening to a story about a corpse, as told by our main characters. Each one has his own version of how the corpse came to be, but which one is real? In season, we follow the characters as they cope with the consequences of their actions. The past has caught up and someone needs to pay. We're taken through another rollercoaster of bad decisions, bizzare solutions and crazy characters, which simbolize the Truplo series.

In-house crime comedy. Without censorship.

Squareme Truplo II - BTS #1, Aleksandar Repić in Edin Latić


With Truplo we wanted to offer our viewers something fresh and different from the regular Slovenian series production. In the first scene of the first episode the series asks – why are there no Slovenian crime series? While watching 18 episodes of bizarre twists we get our answer. Because crime in Slovenia is basically comical and so this crime comedy full of dark humour was born. This is a series that’s not afraid of stereotypes, but uses them to its own advantage. A series that swears on organic dialogues and believes in the power of non-schooled actors in successful combination with professional actors. A series that doesn’t question, if it offends anyone. A series that we would gladly binge-watch ourselves.

Squareme Truplo II - BTS #3, Saša Dončić, Denis Porčič - Chorchyp


Vesna Kuzmić – Tomšič / Robert Prebil – Koman / Jan Hrušovar – Polič / Jan Kok – Filip / Črt Lipnik – Bizo / Aleksandar Repić – Bojči / Edin Latić – Rade / Sanja Raičević – Alex / Pero Martić – Možina / Denis Porčič – Dule / Saša Dončić – Dad / Tina Gorenjak – Psychiatrist / Gorka Berden – Wife (Rade) / Elizabeta Rojec Špela – Mother / Tibor Baiee – Štef

Squareme Truplo II - BTS #2, Pero Martić in Vesna Kuzmić



Sound tehnician – Peter Bajan, Peter Žnidaršič, Ernest Fejzić / 1st AD – Sanja Raičević / Edit – Luka Štigl / Post-production Sebastjan Oblak / Sound post-production – Tim Žibrat / MUA – Tjaša Založnik / Assistant – Aljaž Tepina



It takes almost a year to create a season of Truplo, from script writing, preproduction, filming, editing, until the final release. The first phase involves developing the concept of the season, which takes two to three months. Then comes the script writing, for which we never have enough time, but still takes between four to six months. During that time the preproduction phase also begins, securing all the actors, locations, costumes … all of the 25 to 30 shooting days have to be organised, coordinated, and planned. Then comes the most social part of the project – the filming. During those two months we spend time together while trying to create something beautiful. And just as we’re about to start annoying each other, the filming period is over and 90% of the team completes their work while the project moves into a less hectic phase. Postproduction. Some people say that any series or movie gets written three times. Once as a script, then during shooting and the third time in edit. That’s when last changes happen and the series gets its final form, which is seen by the viewers. Afterwards we can finally kick back a bit during the short promotional phase, but even before the champagne gets warm and stale, we usually already start thinking up new concepts.