Series of our youth


Series of our youth


Yeah, OK, we’re not all the same age. But luckily the reruns made sure we all grew up watching similar series. Today we’re heading into the nostalgia of 90s television screens, when we all enjoyed those action and comedy classics. So, here are the series of our youth!



Will Smith and his gang broke all those other stereotypes that Cosby missed, but he was banned from our list due to his inappropriate actions. The series that launched the career of one of the most successful 90s creators in all fields. The Fresh Prince, Big Willy, the one and only Will Smith.



Some love him, others can’t stand him, but we’ve all watched him. And we all know the legendary “series about nothing” that so cleverly exposed the everyday banalities. We’ve never so enthusiastically rooted for four such unsympathetic characters. At least until then.



A group of friends with lame jobs, who can afford to live in big apartments in Manhattan? The series Friends could be classified as science fiction, but we won’t go there. The series broke all the ratings records, the paychecks of actors, and one of the longest will they/won’t they relationships in the history of television. Ross just always screws up. Yeah Ross, we know, you were on a break!



Enough comedy. Let’s get some action! Buffy was simply badass. Between Chuck Norris and Buffy, the vampires would probably prefer a fight with Norris. Which one of them gave a better round kick? It’s debatable. 



Whoever said that before Wonder Woman we didn’t have any female role models and superheroes, has obviously missed the 90s, since this is already the second badass woman legend on this list. And we all know that there were many more. Shoutout to Nikita as well, who barely missed a spot on this list!



To avoid being sexist, we have to mention the sexy male representatives of action series revolving around kicking bad guys. And the first one among them is definitely the Renegade! Reno Raines aka Vince Black aka Lorenzo Lamas was a Harley Davidson on two legs. Simply as 90s as it gets.



OK, we promise this is the last bad guy kicking series on this list. That really seemed to be a popular theme of the 90s. Walker, Texas Ranger introduced Chuck Norris to our generation, if we have by any chance missed Bruce Lee movies or Delta force movie series. And we think that most of the Chuck jokes come from his character in this series. The guy can smell where a plane exploded!



Let’s get in touch with our gentle side as well. And face it, either you love it or hate it, we’ve all watched at least one season of it. Or maybe all of them. What boy bands meant for music, Beverly Hills did for television. A series that took the 80s way into the first half of the 90s and set the fashion trends that came back again now. How could we not like a charismatic group of 30-year olds impersonating highschoolers?



Some of you were already a bit older in 1999, but let’s admit that we can count the Slovenian TV Dober dan as one of the series of our youth. We were all watching it. And we all still remember Fata, Mercatori, Mr. Smith and others.



No matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t reach a consensus on which series deserves the last place on this list, so we’re giving you four choices. Which one is your favourite?


That’s all until next time when we’ll be travelling Back to the future and scrolling through the list of our favourite 80s movies!