Cult movie classics


Cult movie classics


This list of cult movie classics is equally broad as the last one, only here we’re focusing on movies. We have to throw a wide net first, so we can tighten it later. Because if by any chance you haven’t seen any of the movies on this list, you absolutely must!

Without further ado, here’s our selection of cult movie classics that you absolutely have to watch at least once in your life.



We’ll give it to you straight up. This one is a must-watch. Your reputation depends on it. We can’t even imagine you going to a party or a first date and the conversation turns to you saying the sentence “Pulp Fiction, you know I’ve never actually seen it.” Unforgivable. Dealbreaker. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can just stop reading this and go sit in front of the TV right now.



Keyser Soze! Cult movie classics are usually also defined by cult movie scenes that later become cult references … and if you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects yet (which was also a big inspiration for some of the elements of our Truplo series), you’re in for a lot of those “Ohhh, that’s where I know this from!” moments, when you’ll recognise the scenes that were copied and honoured in countless other movies. A movie that you watch once for its epic twist and then again right away so you can appreciate how all the signs were there the whole time.



Let’s stick with Kevin Spacey for a little longer … no matter what you think of him, sometimes we have to separate the art from the artist. Or maybe not. If you watch American Beauty through the eyes of everything we know now about Kevin … the movie might be even more fucked up than originally. Surely a movie that is still relevant today. Or perhaps relevant again.



From Kevin to Edward Norton … who come to think of it oftentimes plays similar roles. First he misleads us with his passive act and surprises us in the end. Without risking a spoiler, he definitely surprises in this movie as well. Except if you’ve seen it already … but even if you did – watch it again, this time for Brad’s muscles.



Since we’re already at the letter F, let’s mention Fargo as well. Before the series from our first list there was of course the movie from 1996. The Coen brothers undoubtedly became members of the cult movie classics authors with this one and conquered two spots on this list. The first one with a crime classic in an unclassical environment, and the second one with our next choice …



Probably the most famous stoner movie in the world. This movie has the great quality that with just the right amount of substances you can watch it for the first time every time! Well, we saw it sober for you and we can guarantee that it’s worth it in any state! A classic.



From the most famous movie for weed lovers to the movie that could replace LSD. A movie that “invented” outer space as we know it today. Well, at least the one on the screens. From Star wars to Interstellar, modern movies still draw inspiration from this 1968 classic. But fear not, this remake piece from Stanley Kubrick passes the test of time and looks spectacular even today. It looks so great that rumours spread about Kubrick himself directing the landing on the moon. And of course, we believe it. But since we know he was a true perfectionist we’re sure he shot the landing on the location itself!



OK, we promise – this is the last reference to drugs. We didn’t plan it. It just happened. We simply noticed a pattern among the selected movies. So now cocaine gets its movie on the list as well. And the choice is clear. Say hello to my little friend! Some of you might have expected Godfather or Godfather II instead of this over the top ode to the excess of the 80s … but honestly, the Godfather trilogy can get a bit too long for us. So we rather picked Al Pacino in his more active role.



Since we’re drawing parallels amongst movies, let’s also jump from Pacino to DeNiro. From the 80s to the 90s and from De Palma to Scorsese. But sticking with gangsters. You know: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.” Probably the best gangster movie of all time. At least for half of us. The other half swears by Godfather, of course. But like we said, you have to make a choice. It’s like the Beatles and the Stones. Depends on the taste. We’re rooting for Joe Pesci and we don’t understand what’s so funny about it. Are we funny like a clown? (If you didn’t get this last joke, go watch the movie.)



How is Casablanca connected to Goodfellas? We’re not sure … the hats? Doesn’t matter. If we’re making a list of cult movie classics, we naturally have to include Casablanca. It’s the movie everyone knows. Most even know the ending by heart. But many have still never really seen it. And they’re missing a lot! With a perfect script and excellent acting it’s a movie that seems much more modern and convincing than other movies from that era. A movie with perfectly envisioned characters that make you instantly forget you’re watching a piece of history.


Did you ever make your own list of movies that everyone should watch at least once? Or think about which movie you would take with you on an abandoned island, if you could only pick one?