Best new series


Best new series


I’ve watched all of this already! Give us something new! Are there any great new series? Yes, there are! 😀 This is our selection of the best new series, relatively new series and the ones that are still in the making or getting new seasons.



Fresh out of the oven.  The last part of season 1 was released in mid May. Can’t get any newer than that! What do you get if you mix computer geniuses and hippie tripping? Well, San Francisco probably, so it makes sense this series is set there. But you also get an excellent thriller about a higher understanding of reality. Are we living in a simulation? Is everything predetermined?



A series that’s also just about a month old. Stephen King – the one and only. If you don’t mind supernatural elements and you’ve always wanted to know how True Detective would play out if they were actually chasing the devil … this is something for you!



The fresh season 3 has finally arrived. And if you’ve missed the first two by any chance, we’re honestly a bit jealous. BTW – Jason Bateman, the protagonist in Ozark series, also directed the first two episodes of the previous series on this list!



Staying in this spirit. Mindhunter is a series about a team of FBI agents, who were the first to research and classify serial murders by interviewing serial killers. Based on relatively true events. Fascinating and full of brilliant acting.



We’re discovering an occurring theme again … we promise this is the last series about murders in American suburbia! But you should still watch it. Every season covers a different case, but with the same detective. People, who would never seem like they’re capable of murder do it anyway. Why?



OK, let’s change direction completely. From America and crime to English cringe dramedy. This series is simply genius, while its creator and protagonist deservedly received many awards – from Emmy and Bafta to Golden Globes. No doubt about its quality, obviously.



We’ve been completely dependent on media reporting these last few months. They are the ones who create our reality. But who’s creating theirs? Who’s the sponsor? Whose truth is real? And who will inherit it? A series about the owner of a media conglomerate and his manque heirs, who’re fighting to take over the family business.



While some follow the media and wallow in the news about the end of the world, others are having sex, drinking, doing drugs and not worrying about a damn thing. To each their own. The characters from Euphoria would certainly pick the second option, though.



Sometimes we all feel like we’re in a David against Goliath story. The big, invincible opponent and the powerless us fighting against him. Billy Bob Thornton feels like that in every season of his excellent series, where he always picks a seemingly unbeatable adversary and tries to defeat him through legal measures.



The title says it all. If the end of the world is really happening, there’s no series with a more appropriate title. On the other hand you can also enjoy the story twist, which is happening in a time when people still had the time to deal with the banal and everyday stuff like how to become a murderer.


That’s all for now. If the world doesn’t end anytime soon, we’ll prepare a list of Asian movies for next time. Mostly Korean. And mostly thrillers. For all of you who want more after Parasite.