Best miniseries


Best miniseries


Miniseries, limited series aka. series with only one season. For those of you who are not ready for a serious commitment and would rather have a so called one night stand with a series. Well, for most of the best miniseries on this list you’ll need more than just one night, but you know what we’re talking about. Here’s the selection of our favourite series with a limited number of episodes.



One of the most popular miniseries of the last few years. A simply brilliant series that might be especially appropriate for this period of catastrophe that‘s happening to us lately. We just hope it doesn’t give the year 2020 any more bad ideas.




In theory it’s two miniseries, but in reality it’s one series with two seasons … sounds complex, but it’s really not. And both definitely deserve a place on your to-watch list! You’ve probably never seen popes in this kind of light. Jude Law and John Malkovich as popes? Yes, please!




Since we’re bending the rules, we might as well count each season of True Detective as a miniseries. The seasons are all completely unrelated to each other and can be watched separately. We would certainly recommend watching the first season and then the third one. You can easily skip the second season, though.



Retro futuristic series for all lovers of 80s futurism, where Jonah Hill and Emma Stone show off their acting talents outside of their other, more comical roles. We were already kind of used to this from Emma, but Jonah really gave us a nice surprise.



For all lovers of 80s and 90s vibe, this one will be an even bigger treat. Miami. Versace. 90s … The Assassination of Gianni Versace is such a charmingly pshychotic series, you might feel a bit guilty when you find yourself rooting for the killer.



Psychological thriller based on a book and starring Amy Adams. If this sounds like something exceptional, you are definitely not wrong. An absolutely excellent series on the highest level.



What would it look like if Loki from Avengers became James Bond and his great nemesis would be Dr. House? Much better than you can imagine from this bizarre description. Worth a watch!



A fantastic series with an almost exclusively female cast that focuses on more difficult subjects, namely a serial killer and his victim that no one believes. And the excellent Toni Collette is the main detective on the case.



Our Croatian neighbours also know how to make a European level series! We didn’t put it on our best European series list, because we were saving it for this one. A group of random people connected by only one thing – a murder.



Let’s say we’re not the biiigest fans of anime, so this type of series has to be especially phenomenal to impress us. And Love, Death & Robots definitely did! One of the most interesting and different projects lately. Not only there’s a complete season, there are also individual episodes – each its own story.


Next time we’ll hit you with a list of Yugoslavian movies, but until then we hope you’ll enjoy watching your favourites from this one!