Toronto Business Academy

The mission of the Toronto Business Academy is to facilitate business education through international experiences and resources. It creates a positive and stimulating learning environment for young perspective entrepreneurs, who are thinking ‘out of the box’ and want to bring about change. The concept of the program is to add additional experience to student’s knowledge, ideas and skills. At the same time the program will introduce international students to the North American campus life-style by emerging them onto Canadian campuses for their lectures, living arrangements and free-time activities. Within the program several tours of Canadian companies will be organized where students will be able to gain more in depth information about the company’s daily operations, challenges and opportunities for expansion. The goal is to expose students to different industries and determine where opportunities for future working relationships exist. Toward the end of their lectures and site visits students are given the task of competing in a business plan competition that will be judged by the leaders in Canadian business. By participating at the Toronto Business Academy students will gain a deeper understanding of the North American business culture, way of thinking, business practices and life-style. Program will provide an important intellectual treasure that will stay with learners for the rest of their lives.


Made by: Sebastjan Oblak

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