Mesi – mTablet

Crazy product promos

Mesi – mTablet

Crazy product promos
About the project

Mesi Medical

Client representatives

Manca Uršič Rosas, Jure Zadravec




Luka Štigl


Sebastjan Oblak

Director of Photography

Dominik Istenič

Another one of our in-house project, this time produced for mTablet from Mesi medical devices. To promote their inovative mTablet device we shot 5 individual web videos in English, that are predominately meant to target foreign markets. In the videos the lead actor takes on the role of a doctor, who humorously describes numerous advantages of the device while strolling through imaginary medical rooms. The videos were shot during two shooting days in a completely white studio, which we rearranged and redesigned for differents scenes only with set design.


Squareme Mesi medical devices video - the tehcnical crew preparing the set in a white studio with rails and two doors


The Mesi – mTablet project needed to have the aesthetics of a clean, healthcare environment and at the same time attract viewers with a witty and funny concept. Nothing is cleaner than pure white. So studio it is. But our script involves multiple office spaces… No problem, let’s have imaginary spaces inside the studio, with just the bare essentials which help tell the story and not take too much attention from the viewer. Inspired of course by the epic Matrix scene with Morpheus and Neo.

Squareme Mesi medical devices video - Mesi mTablet medical device with four components on a wooden desk

Video series

The project entailed five videos, shot in a total of two days.



Crew: Production Coordinator – Tjaša Kocjan / Studio Manager – Katja Getov / Sound Technician – Ernest Fejzić / Grip – Ivan Radeljak / Set Designer – Katarina Rižnar /Lighting Technician – Jernej Vavpetič / Gaffer – Jože Žabkar / MUA – Tjaša Založnik / Edit – Luka Štigl / Colour grade – Sebastjan Oblak