Favourite Slovenian movies


Favourite Slovenian movies


Most local movie-goers rarely pick a Slovenian title with so many high-profile foreign movies to choose from. Well, when the movie theaters are closed, you have a great opportunity to see what you’ve been missing. Or maybe remember a childhood movie you can now show to the younger generation. Half of the titles from our favourite Slovenian movies list can be found on Voyo, but for others you might have to go through some other channels. Some of them are also available on Youtube.



If you’re a Slovenian, you’ve surely seen this one in your younger years, but when was it the last time? And have your kids seen it already? No? Hurry up and get the whole family in front of the TV! A trip down the memory lane that takes us back to the late 70s Ljubljana, when it was still a part of Yugoslavia. 



From Ljubljana to the seaside. Which of these two movies is more of a classic and a bigger hit is hard to say these days. But in Poletje v školjki we can already see some elements of the classic 80s stereotypes that in our opinion only enrich the experience! Of course, you absolutely have to watch Poletje v školjki 2 afterwards! What would an 80s movie be without a sequel?



The one, the first and the only. Probably the most recognisable Slovenian movie of all times. And proof that already back in 1953 we  knew how to film rom-coms that even today’s Hollywood would envy. It’s also amazing to see Ljubljana when it was still a completely different city.



From the good old Vesna to the new and excellent Ivan … One of the newest movies on this list is this incredible drama from 2017. We tried to steer clear of newer movies, but this one really made an impression on us. A movie you can call “excellent,” without later adding “for a Slovenian movie.”



Let’s return back to the past for a little bit. To the time when Slovenian movies were witty, fun and relaxed and not even close to the stereotypes they’re known for today. To so gadi is an excellent family and neighbourly comedy that will leave the whole household laughing out loud. And of course, invite the neighbours as well!



Well, we can go even further into the past – to the year 1965. A more difficult movie that shows the reality of the makings of Ljubljana we know today and reveals some facts that have been with us for 55 years. How the city came to be and who built it. And interesting, but certainly not an easy movie to watch.



Enough of Yugoslavia, let’s jump forward to independent Slovenia. And experience a cultural shock! Just like the main character in the movie Stanje šoka. A cute Slovenian version of the movie Goodbye, Lenin, where the protagonist goes to a coma in Yugoslavia and wakes up from it in independent Slovenia. And his world, expectedly, turns upside down.



A couple of twenty-something losers that don’t know what to do with themselves … this is probably the most common Slovenian genre, right after the social drama – even our Štokholm and Truplo could somewhat fit into this category. But let’s say that Jebiga was the first one. Well, except if we also count the movie V leru that came out a year before. It doesn’t matter! One of the most fun movies from a decade when social dramas were the norm.



A couple of twenty-something losers that don’t know what to do with themselves … again? Yes, but this time they want to make some money, because they owe it. And so we got the first truly independent movie hit in independent Slovenia. The movie that made Mitja Okorn and gave a whole generation of future young movie-makers inspiration and proof that it’s possible to create a blockbuster even outside of the system.



Let’s end with an extremely beautiful movie, filmed on a global quality level. If you would turn off the sound, you would think you’re watching some foreign blockbuster. An epic movie that takes us through a story of four generations in two hours. And all in a way even the legendary Kusturica wouldn’t be ashamed of.


Hope you’ll enjoy our selection of Slovenian movies, we’ll hit you with a new list soon!